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Writer. Marketer. Tinkerer. I like ideas, words, humour and breaking the rule of three.

Originally published on the Shopify blog.

My dad’s an entrepreneur.

In 1990, he opened his own auto shop.

He took a risk, went through the motions of uncertainty and stress, worked a second job to support both his family and his business, grew his customer base, hired other mechanics, sold services (auto repair) as well as products (auto parts), and was ultimately accountable for his own success.

Ask him what he does for a living, however, and he won’t tell you he’s an entrepreneur. He’ll say he “fixes cars”.

Ask him about being his own boss and he’ll say, “When…

“You don’t look like a developer,” I overheard someone tell a woman.

It was accompanied by the same look I often see whenever someone says, “You don’t look like a ______,” which I can’t quite describe in words, so here’s an Emoji: 😕

It reminded me of a similar conversation I have when I meet new people sometimes, which goes something like this:

Stranger: “What do you do?”

Me: “I’m a writer.”

Stranger: Really. You don’t look like a writer😕.

There could be any number of reasons I don’t look like a writer:

  • I didn’t have glasses pressed up against…

By: Braveen Kumar

She was not the first to show up at the entrance to the village without her tongue. There had been three before her.

They all arrived in the same condition: in a desperate panic, unable to do more than repeatedly moan what sounded to be a name.


Each victim had apparently set out for the neighbouring town, but nobody was sure what had happened to them along the way. They could not tell their tales without their tongues and, like most of the farming village, they could neither read nor write.

The first man, a particularly…

It’s hard for me not to pay attention to what DJ Khaled has been up to these past few months. I love hip hop and I work in marketing, after all.

So it’s even harder for me to resist the urge to deconstruct his success, to attempt to understand how these seemingly random ideas became so widespread.

In marketing, we often look for opportunities to be part of the right conversations, but true virality—as in Khaled’s case— is about becoming the conversation.

There’s obviously an intentional strategy here. But what is the key that unlocks it all?

Well, if you…

Imposter Syndrome plagues everyone from fresh-faced professionals to seasoned veterans.

It’s the fear that visits often, the fear that one day people will find out that you’re a fraud, a sham, someone whose greatest accomplishment was pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes. And since 70% of people experience it at some point in their lives, I’m willing to bet this already sounds familiar to you.

Grad students feel it on their first day of class.

Freelancers feel it whenever they win over a new client.

Even famous celebrities and accomplished artists wake up some mornings thinking that everything they’ve done…

There’s bound to be times in your life—whether it’s getting through school, pursuing a career, or starting a business—when no matter how hard you try to move forward, it feels like you’re just running yourself tired trapped inside a hamster wheel.

Foot over foot, again and again, you scramble to escape the bars before you. You sweat yourself dry, doubting whatever ground you’ve gained in the pursuit of some promised end you’ve invented in your head.

And you tell yourself every day that, some day, if you push hard enough, you might eventually shake a bolt loose, breaking free from…

Every writer of every kind — whether a journalist, a copywriter or a novelist — is taught the importance of finding their “Voice”.

Yet Voice is not this singular, elusive identity waiting for us somewhere out there in the world.

The same way you can use your actual voice to sing, shout, even do impressions, your Voice is malleable, it’s versatile, it’s something you already have but need to exercise.

You know, the first thing they tell you about improving your writing is to write a lot and read a lot. And there’s a reason for that.

An aggregate of stolen voices

Not only do…

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